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Children today are living in a multi-media audio/visual world.

PuppetsKool assemblies teach the importance of caring, kindness, honesty, resepct, self-esteem, cooperation and responsibility in a fun, funny and memorable way through the use of puppetry, music, comedy and audience participation.  We accept bookings from schools and community groups. 
Here are a couple of options to choose from below or contact us with your specific theme request
for a customized presentation for your group. Each presentation runs from 30 to 40 minutes.

We Need Each Other
A lesson in Cooperation
(Elementary K-5)



Mystical Vanishing Bandana. Watch our hapless magician as he fumbles his way through a new gag.  Guaranteed laughs, and a surprise ending.

Audience Participation:
Many Hands!  A fun and interactive audience participation activity which demonstrates that we really are all much better off when we work together.

Dra-mody:  It Takes Two! - A non-verbal comedy drama showing a runner in a race who is suddenly confronted by an obstacle too big to get around.  He tries and tries to no avail, and that's where the laughter comes in!  Finally, at his wits end, he learns to accept the help of a friend.  Together they succeed and finally win the ultimate prize! 

Relection Section:  Think About It! - We engage the audience in reflecting on the important themes presented in the dra-mody.  We assist students to embrace and internalize the values that have been communicated.

Inspiration:  Give A Little Love - A final moving message presented through colorful puppetry, props and animation encouraging everyone to take seriously their role and their power in creating a better world.

A Rule of Gold
It's cool to care!

(Elementary K-5)

Opener: Do Not Touch the Candy Cane? Surprise! - An engaging and hilarious opener guaranteed to catch the attention of every audience member.  Funny and with a hilarious surprise ending that captures the imagination of the audience and sets a joyful tone for the presentation.

Puppet Wisdom: Caring is Cool! - Tyler, our signature character, discovers with some help that like a golden rule, caring is really cool!

Dra-mody: Bus Stop Samaritan - An animated presentation depicting a dramatic life situation.  How will the characters react?  Who will step up to the challenge?  The audience discovers what it means to care and who can be a real life hero.

Object lesson: Disappearing Bully! - A fun audience participation activity.  Working together we make Bullying disappear before your very eyes!

Blacklight's Alright: Do Do Do Unto Others - We close the presentation with an unforgettable black-light special effects puppet presentation with a timeless message.  One that is sure to leave a lasting impression.
(requires a suitable performance space, able to be reasonably darkened)

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