Carol & Marlowe Hiebert

Workshops & Training

Are you wondering how to establish a puppetry ministry in your church or community group?  Do you need a refresher course in techniques or are you looking to bring your skills up to the next level?  What about props and scenery?  How do you add interest and excitement to your puppetry through visuals and sets?  Wonder no longer.  We would love to share our experiences with you, our successes and our spectacular flops (ok, so not everything has always gone as planned).  Through our hands on workshops and training sessions you will gain new skills to add some polish to your performances and presentations.

To help you we have developed a series of workshops and training events that can strengthen and equip you and your group.  Call today to book your next training event.

Some Current Available Workshop Titles:

Puppetry Skills Training Workshops:
1. Beginner Basics.
2. Intermediate Technique.
3. Advanced Technique.

Program Workshops:
1. Building a puppet ministry from the ground up.
2. Puppetizing a Song.
3. Building a program.
4. Puppet Choreography & Synchronization.

Props & Set Design Workshops:
1. Materials and design basics.
2. Animated prop design.
3. Blacklight & special effects props.
4. Advanced props and set design.
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